Business Cards: The Art of Saying Hello is the ultimate business card book bringing together the best examples of cards created by designers around the world. Business cards are a major design challenge; creating successful cards is all about the clever use of space; but just a little space. And that’s not all. A design needs to make a splash stand out from the crowd or announce you as part of a team; and how do you solve the problem of creating a universally understood message while catering to cultural differences and multiple languages? Materials are also important; not all cards are machine printed and this book features cards on punched metal stitched fabric cards with heat sealed cut outs or made from recycled subway tickets plus clever examples of best practice using “make your own” business card machines.

Over 300 cards are grouped into sections reflecting different design approaches: Typography Photography Materials Illustration and Found Objects. Proving just how inventive you can be with a limited space this book is a rich source of ideas and inspiration both for designers and anyone wishing to make a statement with their business card.

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