Quickly correct typed or handwritten documents with BIC Wite Out Brand EZ Correct Correction Tape. Made by America’s #1 Correction Brand* this correction tape goes on dry allowing you to make instant corrections with no mess and no waiting time. Dispensing the tape is easy: simply hold the dispenser with your thumb in the groove position the tip flat on your paper press down firmly and gently move from left to right. Offering greater strength than paper based tape this film based correction tape is more tear resistant to create tidy inconspicuous corrections that last. The self winding mechanism helps prevent the tape from loosening so you can apply the tape smoothly and accurately. And thanks to its translucent body the dispenser lets you see how much tape is remaining. This pack includes 10 dispensers with white correction tape. *Source: The NPD Group Inc./Retail Tracking Service/U.S. Sales/Jan Dec 2017 Strong correction made by America’s #1 Correction Brand
Tape applies dry so you can write over it instantly
Film based tape offers more strength than paper based tape
Compact translucent dispenser with soft rubber grip shows how much tape is remaining
Each dispenser contains 39.3 feet of correction tape

Manufacturer: United Stationers Supply Co.;
Model: WOTAP10 WHI;
Part Number: WOTAP10 WHI;
UPC: 804993357659;
Color: ;
Brand: BIC;
Department: ;
Size: 10 Count;
Warranty: ;
Label: United Stationers Supply Co.;


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